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Aug 15, 2006
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There was a wreck last night-2 people killed-UPS truck blew a tire,ran into a septic truck--I'm afraid a man I knew was the septic truck driver-It was his busness--Larry's Septic Service. Really nice guy,proud of his work,took care not to mess up the yards. Even if it was another driver both families need prayers
Yes,it was Larry who was killed---2 hard working men who took pride in doing a hard job gone. All because of a bad tire. :frowns: Y'all please check all your tires and hitches,ok?
Everybodys heard about Larry and are telling stories about how kind he was-
This one shows his creedo----A friend of mine said he'd had Larry out twice to pump the tank out and fix a small problem..Larry told him how to prevent the problem in the first place,therefore doing himself out of a continueing job-friend said he hadn't had a problem after that. Who do you know that'll do themself out of a paycheck.
Larry was a preacher--the sermon he was working on was Be ready,you don't know when you will be called.

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