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Apr 26, 2005
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Stratton, ON, Canada
Replacing transmission in Belarus 400 with a near mint salvage unit. Problem is salvage unit has different hub (newer model year), so my wheels won't work. Want to take out hubs and put in my originals - so have to break down final drives.


Took cover plate off and removed bolt and retainer plate from shaft that goes through bull gear from hub.


This is where I am stuck. Do I have to press out that shaft, or will it turn out somehow?


I'll be talking to my Belarus man on Monday, but I thought I might get lucky here. :D
It certainly looks like it's pressed in.
Looks like our Cockshutt marketed (I think it was a 40) Fiat tractor.. I'm sure that if you fail to get good info from the Belarus guy, there's a Fiat equivalent to that tractor.. Or a Universal

You couldn't take the whole outer axle of your original and swap them? Or perhaps the hub and carrier unit? I can't see how it all goes together that well in the pics
taking another look, I'm quite sure you have to undo the bearing retainer bolts on the wheel side (first pic).. there is a possibility that it comes apart easily... if they just splined the gear onto the shaft...

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