NCAA March Madness

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Son of Butch

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Aug 30, 2010
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Frost Bite Falls, Minnesota
Well the fix is in...
5 Minnesota (24-9)
12 Middle Tennessee State (30-4)

Minnesota is a 5 seed and should have been flipped with number 7 Michigan (24-11)
Michigan lost at Minnesota in overtime by 1 pt just a few weeks ago on a bad call by ref near the end of overtime..
Anyway it almost guarantees 12 seed Middle Tennessee State another big ten "upset" vs Over Seeded Minnesota.
M. Tennesee is 30-4 and ya gotta respect any team that has won 30 games.

Last Year M. Tenn a 15 pulled off one of the biggest upsets in tournament history beating number 2 Michigan State
in the opening round.

Trivia..... of the 68 teams in this year's tourney, 34 of them did not play in last year's tournament.
The only sure thing is there are going to be some exciting games ahead.

Does anyone else have any other "Guaranteed Lead Pipe Cinch" upset picks?
No. I rarely get that involved in bracketology but I do have a funnie.

I have a lot of Ky folks on my Facebook. It has been a wild week. People changing their profile page to all blue, praying for Kentucky to win and the best of all: several of the more conservative fans want Ashley Judd barred from UK games because she spoke at a woman's rally advocating that women be treated as fairly as men. I might be a little off base on the exact grievance. But it demonstrates how crazy people are about their sports and their politics.
One of the biggest idiots I know is a UK fanatic.
I felt obligated a couple of seasons ago to do a "Safety Check" on him when they got knocked out.
But even he has no delusions about Kentucky's chances this year.
I just googled Ashley Judd. I got the above information through a timeline feed from a Facebook friend. My information is limited but I did find some links to stories about the hostilities toward her. Here is an excerpt:

Actress Ashley Judd wrote a lengthy Facebook post recounting an "uncomfortable" encounter with a Trump supporter at a NCAA basketball game over the weekend.

During the Women's March on Washington, Judd famously recited a poem called "Nasty Woman," referencing President Trump's retort toward Hillary Clinton in a debate.

"I'm as nasty as a man who looks like he bathes in Cheetos dust," Judd said at the time, adding that she felt Hitler "traded his mustache for a toupee."

Judd, an avid Kentucky Wildcats fan, was in Nashville, Tenn. to watch her team play in the semi-finals when a man asked to take a picture with her.

The man told her he was from Big Stone Gap, Va., the location and title of one of Judd's latest films.
5 Notre Dame 60
12 Princeton 58

Princeton almost won but their 3 pt shot hit off the rim with 1 second left in the game

As of right now

16 South Dakota State 19
1 Gonzaga 17

GO Jackrabbits
TennesseeTuxedo":101x9t8z said:
Ashley Judd is a certified Dumb Azz.

Maybe, I don't follow her but if UK starts barring every "certifiable dumb azz" from basketball games, revenue will not cover the cost of replacement goal nets. Lol
Son of Butch":2gjjgid3 said:
5 Notre Dame 60
As of right now

16 South Dakota State 19
1 Gonzaga 17

GO Jackrabbits

Gonzaga 54
South Dakota State 36
5:18 to go in the second half
Gonzaga gets to the final four this year.
5 Minnesota 72
12 Middle Tenn 81

NCAA committee got one of the day one "Upsets" they wanted when fixing a Very Very Weak 5 vs an Extra Strong 12

Hope you all got as rich as me betting the farm on my Middle Tennessee Lead Pipe Cinch that I so graciously shared.
So.... what gifts do ya all have for me? :)
Answer me this, why is (was) the play in round 16 seeds playing 16 seeds and then 11 seeds playing 11 seeds? Seems like it should have been 16 playing 15 in each division. I know that means the 2 seed now plays 14 and so on, just didn't make sense to me. Also I agree on the mess up on the seeds, 30-4 was a 12th who beat a 24-9 5th seed....should have never happened.
Not quite sure I follow your question Al. Maybe Arena location?
Minnesota's program has improved and is coming along, but even the biggest local enthusiasts were Hoping for maybe
a 6 seed and very surprised by getting the 5... with some even thinking maybe 8 or 9

I've got 10 seed Wichita State (30-4) to upset 7 Daytona (24-7) in my bracket picks.
I don't follow basketball close enough to do much betting. Only straight bet I placed was Minnesota to lose.
I agree on your Wichita state pick. I actually have them beating UK. Not sure that they will or that I want them to that bad.
6 SMU 65
11 USC 66

An honest to goodness upset USC (25-9) beating SMU (30-4)
I had SMU winning 2 games...1st USC and then upsetting 3 seed Baylor before losing to Duke the 2 seed
Son of Butch":1xn95pxk said:
6 SMU 65
11 USC 66

An honest to goodness upset USC (25-9) beating SMU (30-4)
I had SMU winning 2 games...1st USC and then upsetting 3 seed Baylor before losing to Duke the 2 seed

I heard that today, I was surprised. USC was one of the four 11 seed teams that had to play the extra "play in" games. I tuned out of the play in game because they were down so far, I didn't realize they won until I heard their game on the radio today.

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