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Jun 9, 2011
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Western Arkansas
Me and the dog got skunked. My eyes just stopped watering. I was going to move the tractor back home to swap equipment and start a new day. Little sh!t was underneath the hog. I'm thinking it was a female. Bitch. Only the fairer sex is that awnry!

Holy sh!t. This can't be happening. Almost too much for me. My wife won't even entertain the idea of me going inside. She says I should have been in bed and got no business "messing with that damn tractor at this hour!!!!".

She pitched some peppermint soap and some old rags out the door. Then she must've felt guilty because she brought me a thermos of coffee and some banana bread. Guess me and Bo the dog will go to the creek. Glad we got some rain last week.
We just finished our bath. We came to the lake instead of the creek. Water is a bit warmer. Not sure it'll be good enough, because my smeller quit working. I know she's minding the door, so we'll see.
I've only heard stories about this. I'm very surprised this is more than just stink,
You need something that will cut the OIL in the spray. It's the oil that keeps the odor attached to your skin. Dishwashing detergent, mineral oil after, and another round of dishwashing detergent... or maybe try some tomato juice or ketchup.
The difference between me and the dog is, he ran toward the danger. I was looking for next Tuesday.
Well, I've managed to bathe in the lake and get some fresh clothes on. I washed the dog too.
My wife brought me a breakfast sandwich and sniffed me. I'm good to go back inside. The dog is NOT!
Years ago we had a cat that got skunked; he got a good dose right in the face. He did his very best to run away from it; he knew he was in trouble, and just stood there while we gave him a bath. Gave it a bath with dish soap and bleach, it did a pretty good job getting rid of that smell. It was not completely gone, but was bearable.
The dogs third bath with dish soap helped a lot. We also dusted him with a box of baking soda and used some dryer sheets to wipe him down. Thanks Travlr and Kenny, and everyone for the tips.
After thinking and reading about this, I don't believe we were at ground zero. I certainly wasn't. It was a moonless dark night. With just the flashlight on my phone, my situational awareness was compromised. I probably just walked into the drift, then retreated at first whiff. Bo on the other hand took a minute to realize there wasn't going to be any glory, even if he "won".
Tomatoe juice and ketchup don't do it.
Baking soda, some hydrogen peroxide, some blue dawn dishwashing liquid (best choice) and maybe a mix of baking soda and vinegar after.
Throw away your clothes and thank your wife to let you back into the house. =D Were you allowed to sleep in the same bed?

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