Murray Grey wins Interbreed at Royal Canberra show!

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Jan 21, 2006
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My little patch of earth, Perth, WA, Australia
Just got back from Canberra show, where we took 1 heifer (9mths) and 1 bull (19 mths).

Our heifer was 1st in the 9 to 12 mths class, and Junior Champion Heifer in a strong showing of about 40 junior females. This is the fourth time in the last five years that we have won this class, and our heifer has gone on to win the junior champion, we also had 1 reserve junior in this time period.

Our bull was 1st in his class of 18 to 20 mths bulls, and Reserve Junior Champion Bull, narrowly missing the blue white and red ribbon although many people commented in the days after judging that he should have got it. He's a big large framed, later maturing style bull, and the one that our judge picked was an earlier maturing, more carcassey type bull, and I understand and agree completely with the judge's decision.

Our judge was Fiona Sanderson, daughter of Helen Sutherland who developed the breed. She has honestly been one of the best judges I have been under - it was a pleasure to enter her show ring and she made me feel very comfortable.

The senior and grand champion female, and supreme exhibit was Michaelong Koala, a 6 year old cow from Murray Sutherland, with an outstanding heifer calf at foot. This female went on to be the Interbreed champion female and beat the charolais bull for the Best Beef Cattle Exhibit of the show. I am priveliged to have the opportunity to show her at several local shows coming up in the next few weekends. This is the second year in a row that the Interbreed has been won by a murray grey. We had some 73 entries in the murray grey section, the most entries of all breeds including the charolais, who were the feature breed with only 30 animals.

Anyone who says this breed is stagnating might want to rethink that opinion.
Congratulations and GOOD FOR YOU Keren!!! :tiphat: Showing is a lot if fun no matter what ~ but that much more fun when you win. :nod: Sounds like you and your family have much to be proud of!

Got pics????
NO PHOTOS! :cry2: I know, I know. I got one photo out and the battery died. Plus I was hanging onto the cattle lol

I will have to see if any friends got photos, if not when the professional ones come in about a mth time I will put them up. No doubt there will be pics of the cow around soon. Actually, I will take pics this weekend at the local show.

Btw, Wisteria - the heifer we showed was a Cappa calf.
Congratulations! Good to hear that you had a good time and did well. I've never actually seen a Murray Grey up here in Maine and I've been reading more about them and looking at pictures-they seem like an excellent breed.
Hi Keren
Stud name is Goldstein Park
Cousin's name is Craig Corby
I think he took 3 head (2 bulls, 1 heifer)
Heifer placed 3rd
1 bull placed 1st other bull 1st or 2nd not too sure & I think he got either the junior or reserve junior champion I know he was very happy with his results can't really remember as it was 4am in the morning when I was told (still 3parts asleep ;-) ) I was told he went up against some stiff competition with some very well known breeders. He said the heifer needed another 4-6 weeks on full feed & she would have done better if not won her class. I know that she was knocked pretty badly at the last 2 shows he took her to for having either too much fat or too much muscle.
I saw his cattle there ...

although there werent a whole lot of Limos shown, they were pretty good quality. One thing I did notice though was that there were a lot of baby heifers shown that were a little green. Not surprising considering the cost of feed and the impact of the drought. Numbers were down overall at the show, two of the sheds were empty so thats about 200 - 300 head which can be accomodated for.

Is he heading to sydney with them?
Thanks for the report Keren, and congratulations to all MG breeders concerned. I look forward to seeing the photos sometime soon.
Congrats Keren!! :D I was especially happy to hear that Murray Sutherland had such
a terrific pair at the show. Next time you see him, tell him to drop me a line and the
very best wishes from Oklahoma.
Don't think he will take any of his cattle to Sydney as I think he goes & fits cattle for another breeder its what my cousin has done for the last couple of years

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