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Sep 4, 2006
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Citrus Pulp is the dried residue of peel, pulp and seeds of oranges, grapefruit and other citrus fruit. As with most feeds, citrus pulp is dried to a moisture content of approximately 10%.

Dried Citrus Pulp is second only to corn as a source of concentrated feed nutrients for dairy and beef cattle, and sheep. It is a good source of calcium, but very low in phosphorus and carotene. Based on these data, dried or pelleted citrus pulp is one of the most desirable energy feeds and can be considered in feeding programs as being:

A dry carbohydrate concentrate with high total digestible nutrient (TDN) content averaging about 74 %

A bulk energy feed with a high degree of water absorption

Having an above-average palatability for cattle.

As a general rule, 40 – 45 % of the ground snapped corn in a dairy ration can be replaced by dried citrus pulp or pellets.

Typical Analysis

Range Average
Protein % 5.0 – 9.3 6.16

Fat 1.3 – 9.1 3.74

Crude Fiber 6.4 – 16.8 12.28

Ash 3.1 – 8.4 4.68

Moisture 3.5 – 13.7 8.
Thanks, that is interesting. I only recently heard about using citrus in cattle feed in class but the professor mentioned it as a source of fiber but it seems to have a lot of other good qualities.

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