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Jul 17, 2006
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South Georgia
Other day I had two people tell me to expect calf prices to go up this year. Both talked about the inventory being lower than it has been since 1954. Corn prices will adjust and be plentiful. Also firmed up their forecast by saying people would be backing off pork and buying more beef. I only know one thing, beef is cheap at my grocer. Normally don't buy it since I have plenty but I couldn't pass up well marbled sirloin roasts for $1.95/lb. Looks like we'll be eating plenty of philly and roast beef sandwiches. At these prices, I don't see calf prices going anywhere but down. Oh, ribeyes were $2.50.
It sure hasn't gone down east of Atlanta, it has gone up. The cheapest grond beef was $3 a pound and that was 20% fat, and I can tell you it about made me sick it was so bad! The good stuff is between $4 and $5 a pound. Steaks are through the roof. Bill better hurry up and fatten that steer for me or I'm gonna starve to death. :lol2:
Seemed awefully cheap to me. I just pulled an advertisement that says the ribeyes are $4.99/lb. so I may have mistated the price in my original post but I'm not sure. Reason I'm not sure is we cooked 20 steaks Wednesday at work. The steaks were 3/4" and were average sized and the total bill on the steaks was just fifty some odd dollars or roughly $2.50 a steak. I thought that was too cheap. Don't know the exact weight but they were not small by any stretch of the imagination. We all talked about it and scratched our heads cause we were expecting to pay about twice that per steak. This is one reason I went today. When I saw these big sirloin roasts at $20 a pop I loaded up and went home. I did pick up some whole chickens for $0.79/lb too. Should have checked the steaks again but I knew I was pushing my wallet at that point. :oops:

Pardon my ignorance but isn't a Delmonico and a Ribeye the same thing? In the paper the semi-boneless ribeyes are $4.99 and the semi boneless delmonicos are $5.99. Aren't delmonicos ribeyes with no bone?