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Mar 12, 2014
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NE Texas
This is one of my fav cows. Her name is Flopsy2 after her mother Flopsy1. She was her last calf, so she inherited the name. Yesterday she had this heifer. Not sure who the daddy is, we ran a Hereford, angus/simbra and a reg angus. But, she got stamped with almost the same weird face markings backwards...

Flopsy 1 had a rather large low hanging udder that calves had a hard time nursing. Her last one though, nursed on her own(Flopsy 2 pictured). I decided to keep her because, one, she's cute, and two i wanted to see if that big udder would pass on to her. She's 8 now and has a very nice udder. She typically grows a calf almost the same size she is at weaning..She's a small cow, maybe 900 pounds.