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Mar 21, 2009
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I keep the wind and rain mineral with fly control out now but was thinking about trying this other brand mineral. It has garlic oil in it and they say it will help keep ticks off of the stock. I had a empty bag it the front of my pickup and when I open the door the smell of garlic was very strong. Some people are switching to it to try to help prevent Anaplaz. don't know if it will work but thought might be worth the try ??? I know Grandpa put garlic on his hounds feed to keep the ticks off and always said it worked. This mineral is said to really help with flies and ticks. Horse safe but can not feed to sheep because it has to much copper so I guess a mule could eat but don't know what it would do to the Llamas.

Calcium min. 20.00% max24.00%
Phosphorus min.3.50%
salt min.18.20 max. 21.80
Magnesium min. 1.0%
Cupper min. ppm 2,000
Selenium min. ppm 26.40
Zink min. ppm 7,500
vitamin A min. IU per lb. 400,000
vitamin D3 min IU per lb. 20,000
vitamin E min. IU per lb. 200
Price is close , maybe a little cheaper than the Wind and Rain. If some of you can give me some input that would be great, I don't know much about this kind of stuff.
thanks KB
With that level of calcium and such a low level of phosphorus but that may be all the phos you need for your area. It should be rather inexpensive even with the IGR. Several companies are adding garlic now. Whether or not it really does anything I suppose is up to you to decide.
Copper and zinc levels are pretty close to requirements if its a 4oz/ day mineral (I can't remember the exact numbers but i know its close to that). Vit's are fine. Agree with what Texas said about the Cal/phos levels. I would want to know what the phos level in your grass is then make sure the ratio will fall within that 2:1-7:1 Ca:phos range.

Long short of it, its all about intake. IGR is 100% effective IF, IF, IF, IF each cow eats at least what she needs every day. Obviously that never happens, plus it does nothing for your neighbors flys coming over the fence.

If the garlic does work & isn't just the next sales pitch companies are using well its will still be about intake. Its hard for me to see how it would work though.

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