Mesquite & Huisache Killer ??

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Jun 16, 2004
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I was talking to a friend , the other day. He told me that there is a new product for killing Mesquite & Huisache. It comes in pellet form , and supposedly all you have to do is sprinkle a few pellets around the base of the tree , that you want to get rid of.
I was warned that you don't want to do it if you've got rain coming , and if you have another tree close by , not to do it. ( as in a tree u don't want to kill)Does anybody know what I'm talking about??
It's suppose to be purty expensive , hundred bucks a can!! That is just a little bit more then remedy, Any way I'm off to the feedstore for more range cubes.
The pellets you are referring to are sold as Spike, and also there is Pronone Power Pellets. I would imagine that any large farm supply store in Fayette County would carry one or both. You won't see results as quickly as you would with Remedy/diesel or with foliar applied Grazon, Reclaim, etc. but supposedly they do give good root kill once the poison has translocated into the roots after some rain. I guess I don't understand why someone warned you about doing it when rain is coming -- the rain is what gets the poison disolved and down into the root zone. Also, I believe the label indicates that the preferable time to put out the pellets is spring time, but you probably could get decent results even now. I've been tempted to try the pellets but haven't yet, so I don't know about the price. I'm told they work better in relatively sandy soil as opposed to the black gumbo that I have (the poison "binds up" with clay too close to the surface in heavy gubmo soils I think). And correct, you would want to avoid spreading the pellets next to target species if there are desirable trees such as oaks & pecans that might have roots in the immediate area, just like you would with Velpar.
Thanks for the help , Ziffle! ;-)
I bought the pronone " Power pellets" , And the"SPIKE". Also found out what a drip line is . :: The radius of your tree. from the center of your tree to the furthest branch.
The guy was telling me to stay at least 2 drip lines from my oak trees. ( I'll probably stay even further away then that!!)
I think what my friend was talking about , concerning rain , was as much rain as we have been having( as in flooded pastures)
Well I guess we'll see in acouple of monthes . :lol:
I have tried the Pronone pellets with little success. They work pretty well for broadleaf species such as yaupon or bumelia however. We use a foliar application of Reclaim or spray the trunk base with a mixture of diesel and Remedy. This works pretty well for mesquite but I can't vouch for huisache.

hears a link to some more info.:
I have great success with Remedy/diesel/liqiuid dish soap on Huisache, the dish soap allow's the remedy to remain on the trunk longer, the cocktail for the Remedy calls for 1/3 gal Remedy X 2 gal Diesel, the last time I sprayed (June) I used 1/3 gal Remedy X 4 gal Diesel and it worked with the same result and in the same amount of time.
2Short --- that's really interesting information. I've been using 1/2 gallon Remedy with 2 gallons of diesel, which of course is a 20% poison to diesel solution and is leaner than the 25% mix per the Remedy label. Never have tried to blend it any leaner than 20% for fear that it wouldn't give sufficient root kill, although I've heard that Dr. McGinty over at the A&M Brushbusters program has indicated a 15% solution probably is OK. I may give your "mix" a try, since I am spending a small fortune trying to kill the huisache. It has been a frustrating late spring and early summer -- several times I've spent an afternoon spraying only to have a cloudburst later in the evening, that I'm certain decreased the effectiveness of my spraying. Normally I'd just wait till the weather cools off and stays dryer, but I got a cost share contract with the feds and in order to get my $$ I have to have the project finished by Sept.
Never had to fight this stuff chinese tallow my battle 2-4d works well.
For my education 2-4d won't work on mesquite if it would its a heck of a lot cheaper.

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