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Son of Butch

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Aug 30, 2010
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Frost Bite Falls, Minnesota
I got caught up in a bidding war for a pair of 480 lb holstein steers (lungers) today, first bidder had 'em at 2 cents lb
I took them to add to my sick pen for a nickel. ($24 hd) Sale barn vet treated them with Zactran ($21) before loading.
$45 hd into them and I expect to hit 'em with NuFlor next week. We'll see.

I've done it before, sometimes ya make good money getting them straightened out and putting them back in the ring
and sometimes ya dig a hole. I've even had a few that performed well enough that I finished them out.
But once a lunger always a lunger.
I sold 3 chronic beef heifers yesterday for $150, $120, and $12 each. Still had temp and bad lungs after 60 days. I couldn't get any gains on them.
Davemk":2ykdpovq said:
Will you put them out on grass? I have seen some come out of it on grass, and of course had to dig some holes.
Nope, don't have grass for them.

Sick pen is 10'x36' bedded with corn stalks in an old dairy calf barn with an indoor waterer and 24' bunk/manger.
If any are too weak to mingle, a swinging gate is used to split the pen in half with both sides still having water.
I have to carry in hay, corn silage ect, but there's a feed room inside this old calf barn for ground feed.
It's a good place for keeping an eye on them.
South end of the pen has 8' sliding door that opens into 24' x 80' dirt lot, so they can go in and out as they choose.
Seems the better they feel the more they prefer being outside than inside. Now have 8 in the sick pen 480-850 lbs.
Figured as long as I was already messing with 6 might as well make it 8.

I'm targeting a sale in 45 days to unload them if they are up to it.

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