Loose stool question

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Apr 28, 2019
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I just picked up a few calves from auction this past weekend. All look very healthy and solid. Their first day to be turned out was Sunday and have access to green forage, hay, minerals/salt, and we also introduced some grain (cracked corn). Today I noticed one of the calves has loose stool that is a dark green in color and has grain in it. No blood or any mucous as far as I can see. Plan to worm tomorrow. Calf is still grazing and acting normal so far.
Sounds normal.
Keep an eye on it tho.
How did the poop look b4 the fresh grass?
It was fairly solid. I'm thinking it's the change in diet along with the added stress but I'm just learning the ropes and I wanted to make sure.
Fresh green grass has a tendency to do that. Bet the others do it a bit too.
Especially if they havnt had any and had pretty dry solid stool b4.

Ever seen calves out on wheat pasture?
Them suckers will squirt a mile I reckon.

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