Looking for cows

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Cool Photos! Is that natural grassland or has it been cleared? How long of a trip is it to get to them by land?
The hill top has been cleared. I think there is about 180 acres of cleared in that pasture. The creek bottom is all natural. Swampier than it looks.
Currently it's only about 3 miles from home. I'll open the gat in the next few days to let them north. Then they will be on about 10,000 acres as har as 10 miles from home. Pretty well all trees and swamps but for about 100 acres of cleared pasture. We are fortunate that our grazing adjoins our private land.
I love seeing my place from the air. It gives a different perspective that often lends itself to future projects.
My neighbor works for the highway department and has his UAV license. He brings the drone home sometimes and surprises me with pictures. He hasn't managed to catch me and the wife in the hammock yet.

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