Longhorn Bull behavior

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Nov 25, 2006
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Corsicana TX
I need some advice. I have a small herd of Texas Longhorns (9cows/1bull). For the second year in a row our bull does a strange thing with one particular cow's calf. She is the oldest cow, who is 5 now. As she brings her newborn calf back to the herd the bull approaches the calf. He then lowers his head and butts the calf who is walking along. He then drops a horn underneath the calf and appears to try and flip the calf. Last night he continued this until the calf finally just laid down. After laying down the bull continues to try and get a horn under the calf to pick it up. Momma cow just stands there allowing him to mess with the calf. Last year we watched the bull take this same cow's new calf, and flip it into the edge of the stock tank.
This is the only cow's calf we have seen him do this to. Afterwards there is no strange behavior with him interacting with any of the calves. All the calves seem to be in good health, and do not appear to suffer any injuries after this behavior.
Should we be concerned. Has anyone else had similar experiences?
I don't have a clue why he is doing that. If he were in my pasture, I would have a couple blue heelers give him something else to think about.
Thats a strange one,.....get rid of him or lop his horns off, just my two cents.
I've never seen a bull do this. No clue as to why he would pick on one calf, but I would be a little bit concerned as to whether he would hurt the calf or not. I don't know what to tell you. Does he only do this when the calf is brand new? I guess I'd keep a close eye on him and maybe separate him from that pair or maybe consider changing to a different bull.
Went out yesterday and watched the herd for a while. Watched the bull approach the calf in question, and was prepared to intervene if necessary. The bull walked up to the calf and was as gentle and nuturing as anyone could want. Calf was not afraid of the bull, and even instigated some horseplay with the bull.
This is the same behavior we saw in him last year with this same cows calf.
Thanks for your opinions anyway..stay tuned. :tiphat: