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Aug 17, 2013
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lawrence co.Tennessee
i have a 1,300lbs bull that i need to get loaded up and took to the market. he is around 13 1/2 years old and can not move the best in the world. can an old bull like this still step up into a trailer, or do i need to get trailer as low to the ground as possible. i think he will fit into the ally, but i know he will not fit through the head chute to load, but i can unbolt the chute.
Unless he's really in bad shape, he should be able to walk up in just fine. Whether he wants to or not is another matter.
If he is not mean, and likes some grain? put a pan of grain in the trailer, and tempt him up into it. You say he can't get around too well, but is he able to walk? If so, he can step up if he wants to or if he needs to. Our cattle trailer isn't that high off the ground and we actually have it fixed so that the tires are in some shallow ruts where we back up to the loading alley, so that the back of the trailer is a little lower so that most anything can load in it. Out to pasture we try to position our portable loading pens so that the back of the trailer is not too high just by where we back up to.
If you have the equipment then build a dirt ramp in your chute, to bring the ground level up close to the trailer floor.
Find some one with a good blue healer and he will forget his aches and pains real fast and jump right on
Not ideal but if you have a portable compressor you can let the air out of the rear tires & blow 'em back up.

On a side note: 13 1/2 & still breeding, presumably until recently? Well done!
The ruts at the end of our loading alley was not done on purpose...the muddy ground was soft and they sorta just wore in there ... So we found that they also were a good way to get the trailer right back as far as we needed to go and it just made the back of the trailer closer to the ground. We put some gravel in them to stop them from sinking any further and to create a natural backstop...trailer goes back and rolls into the indentations back to a certain point, we can open the trailer doors and they will hook open and in the trailer the animals go.
scf84":1wo5pvpi said:
TennesseeTuxedo":1wo5pvpi said:
Why would you keep a bull over 13 years?
why not? he has made a good bull for our small farm for the last 12 years. just bred a cow last week.

He's pert enough to jump on the trailer then.

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