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Sep 22, 2010
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Who has insurance on their cattle? Is it a separate policy? Or part of the farm policy? We have a farm policy which includes our cattle. We had a claim last year on one of our cows, now the insurance company has decided to raise our deductible from $500 to $2000 because of claim history (we have one other claim non farm related in 20 years). Wondering what our options are? Any suggestions? The other concern is what the farm insurance covers ie lighting, flooding, cattle hit by car, chased by dogs/coyotes. Are their policies to cover health related issues, bloating, twisted gut? We have approximately 25-30 head of cattle, so not a huge herd. But when you loose one its a loss..... Thanks.
When was your other claim? Usually an insured has to have 3 or better in a couple of years for a company to raise deductibles because of claim history.

Our cows are insured on our farm policy. We have coverage for basic perils plus livestock perils. Basic would be your fire, lightning, and vehicles along with some others that generally wouldn't concern livestock. I'm sure I'll miss one since the policy isn't in front of me but livestock perils are generally: accidental shooting, drowning, loading and unloading accidents, and attacks by wild dogs. Sometimes building collapse is also included.

You can buy full blown mortality policies but unless you have some real value to your cattle the premium probably would be cost prohibitive. We sometimes buy a mortality policy on our bulls but never have on our commercial cows.
The only insurance I have is liability if they get out and cause damage like a vehicle hitting them on the highway. $8 a month for $500,000 in coverage, no deductable. Some guys around here dont brand or tag so they can claim its not thier cow but I brand mine which is registered with the state. All of my cattle are commercial.

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