Limi's a little cheaper to feed

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Cattleman200":7ajci0p3 said:
has a 80 year old herdsman that pulls all the calves and gets paid nothing.

He is thinking about quitting. He has no formal education and could not find work elsewhere. Hes a good ole boy but why he takes this fellers crap is beyond me. He must be getting payed to darn good. Heck he built a house here a couple years ago that was 150,000 dollars so he must be doing alright. I offered him a job but he turned me down.
Which one is it or are you making all this up?

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You forget who is making these posts
Willow Springs":2r9v2phr said:
We have known for years that the higher lean meat yield cattle had better feed conversion. We raised Blonde d'Aquitaine in the 80's and 90's and our bulls routinely beat every other breed for feed conversion at the bull tests. Limo's are in the same category. Lower fat, less organ mass, higher cutability. That leads to better feed conversion and better RFI. It is also one of the reasons that the British cattle make better range cows; more fat, more organ mass (specifically rumen volume). Would have been simpler to just use the breeds for what they were for instead of trying to make them all the same as each other.

Hear, Hear!
Red Bull Breeder":1ef509a6 said:
No Herefords JHH wish there had of been. When you cross the best at feed converison with the most efficient you should have bell ringers. Sure would have liked to have seen those calves.

Wish I had taken a pic or two. I sure liked how they looked. Little blocks running around the pen.No funnel butts!

Red Bull Breeder":1ef509a6 said:
tncattle467 did you even look at the first post on this thread??

We went from feed efficeincy to bashing breeds. I think there is a place for all breeds.
I agree with you JHH there is a place for all breeds. I have been told by a few people who have had limixhereford cross cattle that they also made some really good momma cows. I would like to no how those calves finish cut and grade.
The limousin sell and registers more bulls than any other breed in the UK, mostly used as terminal sires. In the country which gave us such breeds as the Aberdeen Angus, Hereford, Sussex,Shorthorn, Red Poll, North and South Devon and many other superior beef breeds, the popularity of the Limousin proves its' value in the modern beef market.

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