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Feb 19, 2018
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I'm not sure there is another bull that sold more semen over the last couple of years combined but Absolute has to be in the top 5. Does anyone have any experience with his calves? What do you like or not like? Feet? Fertility? Is he a cow maker? Has anyone retained heifers from him and if so, how are they doing?

It seems he has been around long enough that some of you may have quite a bit of experience with his calves.

Thanks for any input or opinions.
When he first came available, I had a couple heifers bred to him. Obviously that is just a very small sampling but I ended up with a strong opinion none the less. I really liked his sire Final Answer, so I was very excited about using Absolute. Both heifers stuck to the AI which was a plus. They came easy and were quick to get and do what they are supposed to another major plus. As they grew I began to see a flightiness in them that became very noticeable. The other calves in the field with them were by Hoover Dam and also from our Bismarck x In Focus herd bull at the time. Those calves were all calm and would just stand around as the Absolutes would throw up their heads and run. The Absolute heifer calf was a really nice looking heifer that as the saying goes had cow written all over her but I sold her as a feeder calf not wanting to knowingly keep any wild ones. The bull calf was from a very gentle TC Franklin daughter, but he was even more wild than the heifer so he ended up a steer and sold as well, even though very early on I had hopes of him becoming a heifer bull for us. Others have said they hadn't seen anything like that from the Absolutes so maybe it was just a fluke thing.

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