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Nov 16, 2016
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Central MN
Woke up this morning to a dead cow- was due to valve April 9. Looked to me she layed down on a small incline and just couldn't get back up. She was fine when I checked around 11 last night. Don't know exactly how old she was but looking at her mouth this morning she didn't have any teeth on top.
The only thing that has changed is they got some hay with quite a bit of clover for the last two weeks- did I mess them up with that or did I just keep her too long?
Oh yeah, took a nice black heifer calf out of her- too late of course.

sorry for your loss ,

good teeth are essential

Kjfred":3ryvdwv0 said:
Don't know exactly how old she was but looking at her mouth this morning she didn't have any teeth on top.

If you mean in front then I'm not surprised she didn't have any on top. Cattle only have incisors on the bottom jaw. If you meant she's lost her top molars then never mind.
Sometimes, it don't take much of an incline, or shallow spot for them to get to where they can't get up.
Was that a picture of her standing? She looks like a cow you'd expect to die quite soon if you didn't investigate what was wrong with her. That was not a healthy animal. Do you have any others with similar appearance?
How much are you feeding? If others look like her, I'd suggest not enough, for a start!
I found an old cow laying just like that the other night but was still alive. I took my tractor bucket and rolled her up on her belly she shook her head got her bearings and walked away. :roll: B&G
Sorry you lost her. That's a sick feeling when you find them like that. Age and condition can be a factor, but I have lost young cows in their prime like that before. Not sure if they get knocked down and can't get their bearings sometimes, or if are just laying down and can't get up and get caste. Mud this time of year can definitely be a factor too.
I didn't see where she looked all that bad in the picture, if that was her or another like her. They will sometimes just get a little bit downhill and can't get rolled up due to the bulk of the calf. It happens. Older cows seem to be a little less agile, but I have also had some young ones get their back down the hill and be stuck. Have lost a few, and saved a few. Have had a great calving season so far until last Sunday, had a 7-8 yr old cow calve, looks like a big calf was born dead, and she prolapsed and pushed her whole insides out. Dead when I found them that morning. A little bit of a hill, but no where I think it should have been a problem. My cows are starting to look a little ratty, some lice, a couple with ringworm, and the little bits of grass are making them want that and not eating near the hay they should be. Can't make them.....except to put them on lots so there is nothing but the hay.
While she wouldn't have been my pick for the state fair I certainly didn't think she was in terrible shape.
I guess it's just more expensive experience gained.
She didn't match the rest anyway

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