Just some cutesy pics!!

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Just chillin...

You stay over there, I'll stay over here...

Who you telling to 'say cheese'?!

Mixin' it up... a bit of black and white

Attitude? Me? Whatever!!
to cute. you take wonderful pictures! the one of the calf with his tounge sticking out is adorable! :D
Nothing cuter than a baby calf. All of those are simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Great looking calves Killala.!!! Do you raise Shorthorns? I bought a Shorthorn bull at 8 months old. He will be my herdsire this year. He is out of a bull called Express
Thanks for the comments everybody.

cowboy43- they are all purebred Shorthorns except for the black and white (obviously) which is a Speckle Park... one of the first in Australia

BARNSCOOP- yes, I have Shorthorns (look at my signature!!). The second and last pictures are my own cattle. Nothing like a Shorthorn for eye appeal!!
Sorry. It was late at night and I didn't see your signature or other post until later. I Love Shorthorns!!! We don't have many around my part of the USA. Most people raise anything black because that is what sells good around here at the stock yards. But I sell beef slaughtered to individuals by the quarter/half/or whole so that is not a concern for me.

The breeder I purchased my bull from was Rocky Branch Shorthorns, Lee and Joy Kerby, here in Tennessee. Great people and great cattle. I love to see my young bull in the pasture!

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