Interseeding Oats into Thin Stands ?

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Stocker Steve

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May 2, 2005
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Central Minnesota
I have not seen much success inter seeding short term rye grasses into thin stands. I was told to use oats - - lower cost seed and more tonnage. Any feedback on this, or on using festolium?
Don't have any thin stands to test out the theory but I use oats after drop fields for hay. I let cattle now grass to dirt in the fall then plant oats in those stands then put cows on in spring or cut it for hay
i haven't had much luck with the ryegrass either. (interseeding).. same for teff, rape, buckwheat.

sudan grass is excellent to plant into an existing stand.

turnips / radishes work well.

oats work well.
1982vett":290eh23i said:
Maybe oats is a faster grower and hardier than your rye?

I challenged the seed salesmen. He admitted it was usually not a big yielder - - and said that rye grasses need more water and more N than oats to get the same tonnage. We average 24" moisture including snow...
I broad casted two paddocks yesterday with a fertilizer mix that included RC. Looks even worse from the tractor seat... This long rotation thing is a challenge in the north. I think I will end up doing a split:

inter seed with oats/hybrid turnips/rape, perhaps come back with SS after 45 days, renovate next year
inter seed with oats/festolium/OG/RC, try to save the perennial stand
hoof till the seedbank with cows, hope it does not come back with too much bluegrass

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