Interesting JBS Caught in a Scandal

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How all this is going to affect national market, beef prices and exports from the U.S?
True Grit Farms":2q2lgi5n said:

Nothing on the NCBA website about Brazil and shipping contaminated meat yet. We need COOL.

Fully agree on COOL,

when I was in technical compliance for a salad producer we needed to supply the packer with a 5 year cropping history, where the seed was grown, full service history of machines used etc,

where as the packer could not tell us whose product they used in which pack???

Adding a few words to a label is not costly, and for good quality product should not be a problem.
I already contacted my congressman about this. If there is a President that would act on this bad deal its the one in office now. Cruz is a fairly stand up guy IMOP. JBS did some shady closed door deals.
At my job I am getting ground beef almost .20 cents cheaper a pound then the labeled US stuff (this includes all cuts of beef). Does not say where it comes from but I assume brazil, and it just doesnt taste the same. This beef just appeared with my distributor within the last few months. Taco Cabana switched to completely Brazilian beef according to a former Director of Operations I was speaking with. Not sure if that is just a Texas restaurant or goes all the way across the South. Now McDonald's is going to a fresh beef never Frozen program. You know it has to be the new live imports from Brazil. I am lovin it.

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