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Jun 24, 2004
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Cayuga County NY
Do the rest of you have trouble with indian land claim in your area? It's where tribes claim that they are a seperate nation, bribe the courts into giving them land and build casinos.
Indian nations are nations (please don't get me started as I am a decendant of the Cherokee Nation).
The Cayuga Nation has a casino in Miami OK.
I have some experience with indians, although they were in Canada, not the US. The indians there were a very humble people, full of love. Sure, they probably could have done more to better their circumstances. And sure, there were a few who were rowdy and seemed to be looking for handouts. For the most part, however, I was very impressed. I was always welcomed onto the reservations, treated kinder than in some of the cities in which I have lived, and made several friends. I will always rember those reservations by that small town in Saskatchewan.

I never had experience with the indians wanting more land. The indians I knew, for the most part, were content with what they had.

Just my experience.

- Richard
Give the Indians a break! Please don't get me all rallied up either as I am, too, am a descendent of Native Americans. For many years, The Indians were very poor and asked government assistance (this goes way back) until about after WWII when they started getting assistance but very little of it. Our government, was, and still is shoving the Christian values down their throats but a few tribes (yes there is few numbers of tribes compared to 100 or even 200 years ago!) wants to stick to traditional ground and traditions (God bless them! I love learning the different cultures of different tribes..keeps our country unique).
As for the land, for thousands of years it was Indian lands and you White Men came and took away from you are upset about it? Now you felt how they felt 100 years ago when White Men in Blue came and took their home away?
i am registered in the Cheyenne-Arapaho tribes of Oklahoma as 25%. so i know how most things are ran. i am against indian tribes claiming any more land as their's unless they pay for it. sounds harsh considering my grandmother is a full blooded Arapaho. as for the casinos, it cant be that much of a problem if casinos are making millions in profits. the Cheyenne-Arapaho has three casinos (Concho(near El Reno), Clinton, and Watonga) and they generate about $10 million in profits a month (maybe a year not absolutely for sure on that) i think a year because i think some things would look a lot nicer than they are now if it was that much.
for the people taking away land from the indians way back when, why dont ALL the blacks go for 40 acres and a mule their ancestors were promised and why dont they go back to Africa and claim land there as theirs and build casinos over there.
I'm sorry if I offended someone, but their is no good with a casino in your backyard, or having to pay their share of the school taxes...

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