improved Fescue Stand Life ?

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Without endophyte - a few years or until a dry spell. No reseeding noted. We have selected for genetics in cattle to deal with the endophytes and we "cheat" and dilute it with legumes and try to add a little orchardgrass (maybe for my exercise!). Anyhow, lazy folks look for cows that deal with the environment. No help from me but I hope it works for you. Dr. Bouton spoke at a meeting here a few months ago. They are still looking for the friendly endophyte that can match up to the old E+. But they do not feel that they have quite found it yet.
Ebenezer":1pvbwvfh said:
Without endophyte - a few years or until a dry spell. No reseeding noted.

Open winters burn improved fescue here.

Have you tried letting fescue go to seed? Have you seen other improved grasses that re seeded well?
Fescue goes to seed every year. One cycle of grazing is cows eating dry seedheads. Only other improved grass here in years has been Persist orchardgrass in small doses due to $'s. I don't know if it reseeds or just pops back. Look for legumes that reappear and some species definitely come from seeds and others might be coming from roots and seeds. The only thing else that trys to spread a bit is Alamo switchgrass.
We have found that hoof action on damp soil can really stimulate the seed bank. But, more traditional plants show up compared to the "improved." Not sure if that is due to more in the seed bank or more vigor or both? I think a red clover/quack grass mix is effective for our meadows. Put a few bottoms in reed canary and some alfalfa on steep slopes for a practical grass farm.

We got some OG back from hay mixes planted in the 70s. It is vigorous compared to most other improved grasses. Cattle don't like it so plants can end up looking like a small shrub...
Our experience with it was bad. I planted some for grazing, and a neighbor planted some for haying. Both of us got very nice stands that came up and looked great early on. What we found out was it couldn't take any kind of pressure, not grazing pressure for sure and haying is almost as bad unless you are getting lots of moisture.

Our cows have been on 31 for so long it really doesn't bother them, and that's what we are planting again, the old KY31.

Maxq is good for a ditch bank to control erosion maybe, but thats about it, in my opinion. Here in SC anyway where we get a fair amount of mid 90s plus for a good part of the summer.I dont think we ever will get cold enough to cause a any problems with it, but it that could be a factor too.

I am trying to find a sweet spot between no input, and high return (if the weather is perfect). This means I have to order in some seed. Otherwise most seed stores here stock the same fescue blends they sell in the lower 48, along with timothy.

Been going back to reed canary in some situations. Extension insists tall fescue yields better - - but they only do short term studies. :nod: I am a long term guy.
i just seeded 60 acres that was in beans to new varieties of grasses. all from byron seeds. finally took off in the fall..

we'll see how it does this spring.

some of it in one pasture got some mold looking stuff on it.. cows wouldn't touch it.

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