I'm new and she was new and we have baby

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Oct 5, 2007
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Narcoossee, Central Florida
I'm so proud of Baby Girl. She was young when bred, I'm new to the whole thing, and she pulled it off like a pro! She didn't even make a noise. What a surprise as I was watching closely. Vet said she was not a true prolaps, but could have difficulties. Well, she did it all like a pro, quiet and fast when it really happened. What a mom she is too! Noon, nothing changed, no water bag, etc. same ole same ole. Somewhere in an hour or so, seemed fine. Cold front coming through so after reading about some of that was watching more closely. Nothing seeming to go on. Saw she was staying in one area that she goes to in rain if not small barn. No biggy, ok so 2 pm look out and see her standing and what, a wobbly thing behind her. Oh my!!! It could hardly stand. Well, the time has all passed, she expelled afterbirth, and ate it. She had been licking the calf. I must have looked out just after she gave birth? No noise from her at all. Doors open on house, all quiet in house. What a girl!!
Now if I can figure out how to put a picture in here I will. Instructions would be helpful as I'm still excited and can't concentrate to look for how to do it!
Congrats! :D

We looove photos ...

I use the ranchers.net photo gallery. Click the photos link towards the top right of this page.
Log in using your cattle today username and password.
On the right of the screen there is a link that says 'upload photos'
Click the browse button and find your pictures on your computer.
Hit the upload/submit button.

When your photos are uploaded, it takes you to your 'My photos' page.
You will see the thumbnails of your photos you uploaded. Important now to click on the thumbnail so that it comes up bigger on the screen.
A few boxes under the photo, there is a box that says 'UBBCode'.
Click in that box and it will highlight the text there. Copy this (ctrl + c) and then go to your cattle today new post and paste (ctrl + v) the line of text there.

Thats all there is to it, the photo should come up. Press the preview button if you are not sure.
Well that is very exciting!! I have been around cattle my whole life and I still get excited! Was it a heifer or a bull?? Very cute subject title too haha. :lol: Good luck with the new baby :D




So how do you think we did? I felt around and believe I felt the 2 little marbles. They have to come off, because Daddy was a trip! (He comes home tomorrow in boxes that are frozen.) Which way is the best way and I'm way open to suggestions. Everyone has their way, and I'm willing to listen. I left a message for the Dr. I thought he would like to know when she gave birth. He wasn't in the office and didn't want to waste a page to him. Emergencies are for emergencies right. From what I've heard about 911 calls in Orlando area, I could have just called them. Anyone heard the calls they get?
That is a nice calf. She did a good job and if she loves him you have it all taken care of.

As for castrating him, I prefer to band. I know a lot will say, cutting is better, but I band all of our calves. It is pretty simple to do, and doesn't seem to set them back any, especially if done when they are babies. Just gotta sit on him, lift up the back leg and slip the band over them. When you are done, take a moment to make sure they are both in the sack below the band, slip the pliers off and you are done. If you missed one, open the pliers up and work it down, then check again. It is a good idea to put a fence between you and mama when you are doing anything to the calf, just makes it that much safer, even if she is quiet....
Just spoke to a friend who has cattle. He will come over and do just what you said. I do have a way to separate them with gates. We have much to learn and will be building a corral to feed them in so for future vet work it would be easier. I just have the name the bugger now. Mom is Baby Girl, and Dad was A1, the big dog. He came here at 3 weeks old because mommy wouldn't feed him and the guy just couldn't handle the feedings. He knew me and said can you try, I know you can. And I did! That is what started us off. So we got Baby Girl as a wife! Ha Ha. He was a trip. I'll have to upload my last straw with him shortly.

Here is the Daddy doing another of his antics. See why he is in frozen boxes? He was about 2 and went to freezer heaven shortly after this. Will find out how he tastes in a couple days. I've heard conflicting stories on the taste of a bull, so will find out. Hey you can always flavor up hamburg right?

He was upset the hay ring was getting low. He was such a butt head, he wouldn't let her eat until he was done!
Great job and very pretty baby! Am glad the momma did such a good quiet job for you (I hate it when they scream! ;-) ). Thanks for the pics and the story ~ your cow looks to be in very good shape. And look at all the green in your picture!!! Lucky lucky you!
always so nice when things work, good pictures too..

As for the flavor of the meat, around our house we've noticed older animals are tastier, though if they get too old they definitely will be a touch chewy, keep us posted on it all!
presmudjo":25bv9yh8 said:
Well, she did it all like a pro, quiet and fast when it really happened.

Most cows seem to prefer to be by themselves during calving - they almost seem to know if your watching and will hold out.

Nice looking calf. It's good to hear your view on frezzer dad, many people these days seem to have forgotten where beef comes from.
Yup, Daddy there was a trip. How we had a great little one surprises me. Daddy had to eat first, etc. Hubby actually called him a Muslim cow, not to insult anyone, but, me first and maybe you next, guess that's how Hubby looks at that. Couldn't touch her if he was around. It was his girl and no one elses. Well, I just ate a burger from him. Only added salt and pepper. No bread, no nothing, had to taste him. Had to have the whole taste. Yummy! His come home weight was 580 lbs. Crap we had to have someone haul him up there and so we didn't get the liver. Opps, well, all else is good.

I believe she is a Charlay, ok, how do you spell it. She may have something else in her but majorly the Charlay. He was a Brangus, with short legs.

I've been told the baby is large for her. Is that true? Hard to tell without next day pictures. She is a great mom, totally floors me on that. I'll have to put more pictures up. The little bugger, oh, if it is a he, Jethro is running and jumping. Jethro, like Gibbs in NCIS. Wanted an educated calf now didn't we!

Thanks for all the comments. I'm just a happy proud mom!
Angie, the green is hard to come by this time of year! We are holding our own on the lawn behind the picture. Bahia is great, forget the ST. Augustine stuff, that's for subdivisions down here. For the pasture, we have rye grass for winter, but the picture is what the 2 cows cleaned out this late summer when we added that tree, vine, crap section into the pasture. How fast they ate through what we couldn't combat was amazing!!!
presmudjo, the spelling is Charolais, although it is pronounced Sha-ro-lay. That confused the be nice outa me when I first started in cattle. Most Charolais cattle are white, the fact that she is orange means she is a 'red factor' Charolais - explains a lot to me cos I thought she might have been a Limo (similar European breed) but something about her wasnt quite right to be a limo, I just couldnt put my finger on it. Anyway whatever she is, she is a very nice heifer :D

The calf looks a decent size but its hard to tell from just eyeballing a photo. The important thing is, she had him without any difficulty, so he wasnt too big ;-)
Hey presmudjo,

Great pictures and clear too! :clap:

Your bull had even pushed the hay ring up against the electric wire at the top of the fence it appears. Always good to know that a cattle producer always has another option to utilize their cattle even if they wind up on a plate! ;-) As for the flavor and taste of a bull; we were fortunate to be able to slaughter a Red Angus bull that was about 7 yrs old and were pleasantly surprised at the flavor and quality of the beef. Even the steaks were restaurant quality in our opinion and our guests complimented the grill cook (me) all evening. We had been concerned that it may be tough or marginal flavor, but in the case of that bull he knocked a home run! The processing house we used even packaged the neck bones and we had the best tasting stew beef and rice ever with the neck bones. We were glad to see him in the freezer and not tearing down our neighbor's fences and challenging everyone that came into "his" pasture and territory. (My neighbor joked that me and my wife had to take turns sleeping on top of the freezer lid to keep him from tearing out of the deep freezer!) :lol: :lol:

This bull would push against all of our gates, hay rings, trailers, vehicles, etc., etc., and was much to aggressive to retain him or sale him to anyone else for breeding purposes. After he almost injured my son, the fate of our bull was clear in my mind and I never regretted it. Replace him and eat him!

With the disposition your bull had you probably made the best decision to prevent something dangerous from happening. (He even looks like a mighty tasty beef specimen while he is standing in the hay ring!) What did he weigh on hoof before processing?

Mama looks ok and appears to have all the maternal instincts in place.

Good luck with your cattle ventures.......

Well hus, I never got to ask pre weight at the slaughter house. And couldn't put the string around him to guess here either. I just wouldn't go in the pasture with him anymore. He looked healthy and we got 580 lbs out of him. Missed the liver, I don't know how it didn't get written down on the slaughter house ticket. Next year we will go with the hauler, just couldn't this year work intervened. A friend hauled him for us. So some info could have been missed. Yup we are glad we made the decision. Now I have a question. Can I milk some of her milk out to use myself? I don't want to take away from the calf. I wanted to see if she was kind enough to let me touch her and I squeezed some off of 2 of her teets. She seemed relieved. I know I have to wait a while, how long? before I even try this. Milk and a calf would be great. Oh real milk, how I would love that, been so long!! Like 30 years, oh how time flys and you don't even know it till ya calculate and think about it. I was surprised I actually made the things work. I was like 6 or less when Dad tried to teach me, but I always watched. Then the milking cows were gone and the farm was about done on that part. I wish he was still here to share with me, but somehow I think he still is watching over and helping out. Oh and the little bugger, if it really is a bull is Jethro, like NCIS, already educated so he won't act like Dad!!! Of course the band will be coming onto the little marbles.... Like at what age, week, 2 weeks, or.... Don't want to miss that opportunity. Artifical is the way to go here. Too small area for another Bull with attitude!!! Besides, don't want her and him making another either.

Oh and the Charlay... OK, however spelled, is probably mixed with something.