I just bought a new computer, need help with excel

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May 9, 2004
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NW Oregon
It's been years since I bought a new computer, but was forced to since my old one was slowly losing one thing after another, like opening my quickbooks program and running the disk drive, neither works on the old one anymore. The old one came with the new version of windows 7 several years ago, now for many months it has been upgraded to windows 10..... so to my question, I bought a new dell with windows 10. But I can't open any of my spreadsheets or word documents. I found the excel app on the new computer, but they want $99 a year to have it and to be able to open my spreadsheets, I feel old. Is there another way just to have the ability to open word and spreadsheets without a gun to my head? The computers you bought use to have all this install..... I hate the gun to the head to be able to open a file. Also I don't mean open once or twice, just download a program that I don't have to subscribe to.

I used to use a free program called Open Office. I don't know if it's still available or not.
Yep, looks like it is.
You'll probably want to research it a bit before downloading it...to ensure it will do what you need and make sure it is compatible with w10..
Thank you very much for the tips and responses, I was pretty upset when I saw I had to pay the subscription price of 100 bucks a year. The longer the computer is down the further I fall behind on book work...... my wife wonders why I'm grumpy. :lol: Thanks again
Look to see if uninstalling the version you have on your old computer and puutting it on your new one will work. You paid a license to use it on one computer....as long as it operates on windows 10 you should be good to go. Just don't expect an old copy of quickbooks to run on windows 10... already been down that short road. :mad:

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