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Mark Reynolds

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May 30, 2023
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Ohio, South-East Ohio and South Carolina
Garth Brooks weather here today.....and the thunder rolls......Thunderstorms started about 9:00. It's now 12:50. Supposed to continue to 3:00. Normally 15-30 minutes and done......had one tornado warning already so far. I didn't know about it and my kids didn't tell me.:oops:. Although, I'm working in the basement (It is a walkout basement though).
We had a good storm move through, which left us in the dark between 0830 and 0930. Still having some welcome rain and thunder.
Severe thunderstorm warnings here this afternoon. They dismissed schools at 1:00 due to high wind warnings and tornado watch until this evening. Hopefully the worst of the storms will dissipate and not cause any damage for anyone. Last Friday was supposed to be the first day of school and it got cancelled due to some localized flooding after we got 5 to 6 inches of rain last Thursday.
Currently 108 and dry.
This country is ripe to burn!
Branch on my place is still running it went dry in 2011 and 1910. It has a week to ten days looking at the flow. My stock ponds are down but not dry yet as in 2011.
Grass is in worse shape.
The big creek on my east side has stopped flowing.
Based on the layout of the storm bands on radar on the US, I'm guessing your 8:30 storm last night was my 9-9:30 storm this morning.
We had a good one this morning. It began about 0100 and lasted until 0900. Big storm with a lot of rain, wind and lightning. Guessing near 4 inches. It is 73 degrees this afternoon. Ponds and creeks are overflowing and feeling really blessed.
Yesterday after the storms there were high water signs all around town in places I'd never seen them before. Water had gone down by then, but a good bit of mud and debris left behind. No severe flooding, but apparently some huge 'mudpuddles' left behind.
We had a storm move thru about 6a this morning. 1.8" early in august, unbelievable.
Almost worthy of saying "it's incredible", because it would be most times. I'm dying if I'm lying; We got at least 3.5" of rain between 1am and 9am this morning, and the temperature has not exceeded 75 today (yes, Fahrenheit).
Absolutely, and wonderfully, beautiful!
We got that rain Monday, about 2 inches.

The first garden we put in is in mediocre and droughty soil. Through time I realized its best suited as a spring garden so we plant potatoes, peas and onions in it in spring, then till it and broadcast in kale and collards about early August for fall greens. It seems that tilling in spring destroys soil structure making and that means less moisture for plants in summer. Droughty soil allows onions and potatoes to cure better in summer. Not tilling in spring means we can get the garden in earlier without having to wait on soil moisture.

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We got nearly an inch over 4 days. Not much for most of you but we only average 10-12 inches annually. An inch in August is real nice. And Sunday and Monday it never made it to 80 degrees. That sure felt great.
Car was inside the garage last night as I went to get some tacos. Garage door was open. That's 11:08pm. Currently also 100°F headed for 107°View attachment 33555
Blimey how do you sleep with that heat?

Its about 21 degrees C or less in NW europe and has been much of summer, boiling hot according to BBC. The weather has been so bad (wet and windy) in July some put the heating on.
we got 2 inches of rain last week, 1/2 Sunday and forecast evening rains over the next few days. grass is greening up again and growing. temps in the upper 70's to lower 80's so getting a break there. weeds sure grow good with this rain!
It is 54 here this morning at 5:45 with the sun just starting to peak over the hills. The forecast says the high will be 85 today.

Car was inside the garage last night as I went to get some tacos. Garage door was open. That's 11:08pm. Currently also 100°F headed for 107°
If it was that kind of weather here it would be easy to find my house. It would be the one with the for sale sign out front.

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