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Feb 16, 2011
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Hi, guys;
Had a 7 week old calf with toxic bloat 10 days ago. We think I saved it with charcoal, then an hour later oral penicillin, mineral oil and iv fluids and then IM antibiotics for three days. BUT it is slow to want to nurse off his mom again. His belly is still big and "sloshy", he's drinking water, some electrolytes and just yesterday I milked his mom and he slurped some of it. I'm keeping him alive, but he's not nursing yet. Any ideas to stimulate his rumen, get him nursing. I've used probiotics daily, added some RUMEX yesterday to try.I think I'm hearing more gurgling. Any cool tricks or is this just time and patience. Should I tube him a big belly full of milk? I hesistate to do so as he is obviously not absorbing a lot of stuff gutwise. THANKS in advancE!!!

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