how long to grain steer?

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We have a steer that we just weighed today and decided we'll prepare him to send off to the butcher.

But I have a question about how long to grain feed him. He's about 1250# right now and he's 2 years old. I've been told that a good weight is 1200#, so I don't really want him much more than that.

At the same time, I'd like some good meat. What are your guys' opinions? He's always been grass-fed till now.

Thanks. Lisa

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90 days on grain will give the most benefit. 60 days will give a good improvement. You might want to feed Vitamin E (50,000 IU during the last 50-100 days on feed) it helps with quality. Don't let him get over 1450 pounds even if that isn't 60 days on grain. Also check around where you might have him processed. Some lockers have a weight/size limit that must be followed because of their rail height. They can't keep a cracass that is too large from dragging the floor. And they can't legally let him touch the floor no matter how clean.

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