Finishing on Milo/Wheat Grain

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Sep 3, 2023
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Has anyone ever tried finishing steers on Milo/Sorghum or Wheat grain instead of Corn. Live out in Wester OK and Corn isn't grown in abundance, just don't get the rain. Most bulk whole feed Corn is trucked in and come at a around $300 Ton unless you can find a farmer growing under pivot. Milo is around $180 Ton, Wheat can be had for $230 Ton. Has anyone tried finishing steers on rolled Milo or rolled wheat?

Don't think you could do just straight Wheat but maybe a 50/50 mix with some minerals and access to decent hay. Feed wise Milo isn't to far off from Corn on CP and TDN and Wheat has higher values of both than Corn. Cost wise I think it is easily choice to make, my main concern is taste in the end product.

Thought about DDG but with the amount of sulfur we have in the water even small amounts of DDG could be detrimental. Besides after trucking DDG is still at $265 Ton. Thoughts?
As I remember from my college animal nutrition classes long long ago. You aren't supposed to exceed 25% of the ration being wheat. That was long ago and I don't remember why that was but 75/25 should work fine.

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