How early to Fertilize?

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Oct 18, 2014
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Northeast Alabama
I'm in Northern AL. The temps for the next several days are suppose to reach the mid 70's with a little rain. Is it to early to fertilize? This will be ryegrass, fescue and some oats.
i'd say now is a fine time.

i just picked up 16 tons today. i'm going to put it out as soon as i can get on the fields.
I am close to I-20 in East Texas and top dressed some nitrogen on rye and ryegrass last Thursday. Got 0.9 inch Monday. It is time.
I'm a little north of you SUB and I'm asking the same question. My fescue is greening up in this warm weather. I'd love to help it along.
Spreader trucks are running rampant in NE Georgia this week. Local co-op is about 40 farms behind on spreading fertilizer.
A lot of original work for N on grass was done right after WWII. One point that made was that you can extend the grazing season about two weeks in both spring and fall with a timely N app, and you can also get a high # grass for # N payback at this time. I think the soil is too cool for the natural mineralization process to work early and late in the season. Grass is green but it just doesn't grow
So you want to make a small N app when the grass just starts to green up, unless your winter feed is very reasonable. Most people are too late in the spring. More than 40# N/acre will reduce clover content.
I'm just north of I-20 in East Central Georgia. I just had nitrogen applied to my winter grazing (rye, oats, and ryegrass) this past Tuesday. Then got 3/4 of an inch of rain that night. Maple, elm, and pear trees are all putting out and daffodils are blooming like crazy. I think now is the time for fertilizer in the South.
If you get the chance, get it on. You can always use the coated urea, which won't break down until it gets enough moisture. I always use some or all in my fertilizer blends.

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