How diary bulls are collected for AI

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Aug 19, 2022
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SW Oregon
They do not shock it out of them.

To make sexed selected semen they take the ejaculate and put in a petri dish on a table. On one one side is a TV with a football game. The male sperm swim over to that side (not really)
We collect bulls and we do shock it out of them - an ejaculator machine that pulses. What you are posting pictures of is well-trained bulls at Bull studs where they use teaser cows. You have to have very well trained animals to do that and they have to be halter broken or handleable for everybody's safety.
The article does mention "The main alternative for less docile bulls appears to be electroejaculation"

I don't see a halter or a rope of any kind on this Holstein bull. I bet they wouldn't try this with Jersey bulls. The AI bull I used for my cows has over 5000 daughters on test.
We toured a bull stud in college. Mostly dairy bulls. All pretty docile , not like the real world. They used a Hereford steer as a teaser. The bulls didn't seem to care.

To sex semen they spin it in a centrifuge. The XX and XY separate.
I had a client about 25 years ago,, that raised and showed draft horses. He had two draft stallions that he collected and bred his mares to. He also showed oxen in the draft pulls, and raised how own..half Holstein and half Chianina. He kept 6 Holstein cows and 6 Chianina cows. His Chi bull was well over 3k lbs, and stood over 6' tall at the shoulder. He collected him and bred the Holsteins AI to him. He used the same mounting dummy that he used with stallions, and collected semen just like they do in the pics above. He'd have the cow or cows that were to be bred that day, in the AI building with the bull, and they'd AI them right there with the fresh semen. A couple of years after I met him he decided he was going to develop his own breed of bucking bull, using Chianina, LongHorn, and Brahma. He would collect and then AI the LH and Br cows the same way. He did have a halter on the bull, though, and it had a nose ring.

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