Horse with a broken tooth that's hanging

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I recently found out my horse Shyanne has a broken tooth and is hanging on by the gum and a tiny piece at the bootom root. Thread thin piece at the root. She has vut the gum and you can see down into her gum. She is up to date on her shots. Should I give her time to get the tooth loose the rest of the way or should I call the vet? Kanda
Hi Kanda,
I'm wondering how old your horse is, as young horses "change" over their baby teeth for adult ones. If in doubt though, your best bet is to consult a veterinarian.
Good luck with your horse.
a horse will loose their front two teeth top and bottom at about 30 months old,one or two at a time,the next tooth over on each side at sixty months,
Please call the vet it hurts her as much as it would you. Also it would be a good time to have her teeth floated and check for other problems. Happy Trails Cindy
I did call the vet and he said she is fine. She has new pearlies coming in. And she doesn't mind showing you. She smiles all the time when she sees us coming. She had her teeth floated in Dec. Thanks to all of you who helped me. Kanda

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