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Apr 19, 2007
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Gulf Coast of South Texas
I sprayed about 1200g this morning with my little sprayer. Weather was perfect most of the day... no wind at all... until now. We just got hammered with a couple inches of rain this evening. I won't be that upset if I loose it because we needed the rain bad but is too much to ask for both? :)
We had 3.7 inches since Saturday evening.... I got 60 acres sprayed between showers, minor repairs and other odd jobs last week. We had calm winds too. Hated I didn't have time to just spray. Guess the silver lining to not getting it done all at once is it gives me a chance to tweak my potion/application one day to the next.
That's true.

I had a nozzle tip spraying a little funny but I didn't want to stop. Going to order another one online today.

The good thing is when you spray like that, if it does stick you get a good kill. I spray with dew on the ground and havent seen any side effects yet. They say you arent supposed to.

I'm realizing how much I like spraying now. It's my new addiction. Trying to figure out how I can swing a bigger sprayer next year. It takes 30 min to refill each time so I lost 2 hours yesterday refilling 4 tanks.
Just finished 50 acres....takes about 30 minutes to put a tank out. Also about 30 to load. Only way I could cut that time would be to have a nurse tank that would be filling as I put a load out. Not sure it would be worth the expense to try to load faster. Wouldnt have time to get a drink of water, use the bathroom, check the rig, dispose of the trash.....and so on. I've got two 3/4 inch faucets on a 1 inch line straight out of the 120 gal. pressure tank to fill with. Pretty much robs pressure from everywhere else but it not for long.

Ragweed weed seems to be the most prevalent weed this year. Kill on the first 20 acres Sprayed before it rained isn't looking to good. Looks like it's Has burnt the tip of the weed but the rest of the plant doesn't look harmed. That which I sprayed after rain appears to be wilting the whole plant.
Ill have to keep an eye on mine and see if it gets a good kill or just burns it.

Thats what I am planning on doing next week is buying a 1000g poly tank to use as a nurse tank this year because I have places that don't have very big wells and it takes for-ev-er. Your right, its very expensive to rig out that nurse tank. The tank is basically $1/g. Then you need a heavy duty trailer.Then you still have to pump it some how. You can't depend on a gas motor any more so that is a headache in itself and not cheap no matter what you do. Im hoping to run a suction line off my pto pump and use it to pull from the nurse tank. It says its good for around 20 gpm.

My end goal is to swap every thing over to the 1000g tank and use it to spray. If the wind stays down long enough in the morning for me to spray that much I am happy and consider it a win. Put the hose back on the tank with a float and let it fill itself until the next day.
Sounds like a plan....just have to remember the weight of 1000 gal when getting into the wet spots.... sprayer might turn into an anchor. :lol:
1982vett":20wzkhvm said:
Sounds like a plan....just have to remember the weight of 1000 gal when getting into the wet spots.... sprayer might turn into an anchor. :lol:

You know it will... :( :lol2: ... It it is going to be a wild ride when its half full too.

Maybe the nurse tank deal will work out good enough I won't have to do that.

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