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Oct 20, 2008
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We have an old donkey, his feet are really bad. Part of the reason is its hard to get a farrier to come out and its also hard to restrain him to do a god job. Does anyone have any suggestions about restraint? We've tried him in a chute, tied with a halter and a few ropes to hold the foot; and also on his side pinned down. Is there anything I can do to trim them up on my own? I used to trim our goat's feet when we had them and also know a little about cattle trimming, but they probably aren't very similar. He seems to get around fine (he's with our Angus in the pasture) and doesn't seem to be in pain but there's no way to really know and they look terrible.
Okay, here goes.

Have you tried twitching his upper lip? I have a book called Caring For Your Miniature Donkey, of all things, by Bonnie R. Gross. You can probably search lip twitching on the internet. It seems to calm them down. Don't twitch the ear. It is very sensitive and easily damaged. Other than that, you can take him to the vet's and have him sedated.

I have never tried this. It looks like a good way to get bit. But the book recommends it over sedation. Plus it will cost about 125.00 at the vets to sedate and do this.

Seems like every time I take a donk to the vets it costs 125.00. Must be the magic number.
Get someone to twitch him with a chain. This MIGHT work. I have had horses who needed a twitch and sedation. The only way to know for sure is trying it. What DO his feet look like? are they starting to curl? If so u need an experienced professional<<It won't take one trim to cure it even if its mild curling. If his feet are wearing fair then look up a good angle (google it-donkeys take a high angle compared to a horse) and only use a rasp to rasp the foot down. I wouldn't recomend trimmers to a novice.
The best method of all is to work with the animal and gain his trust and TEACH him to pick up his feet. Do it daily....pick them out and stuff. Then get a blacksmith out or if the feet are not bad....rasp them til they are neat.

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