Heifers are finished

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May 28, 2011
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Western Kentucky
All with live calves born unassisted. Been very blessed, they have been so problem free. I usually keep very sharp eyes on them but have really been swamped with projects and other necessities that I didn't watch them like I would usually. Did have this last heifer put up to try and watch her better but we decided to sell calves today so was away from farm all day. Told dad that she would likely calf today while everyone was gone with no one to keep an eye on her. Well got back this evening and checked on her and darn right she had calved and had a really sharp jet black baby bull with her. 2 of them have calved in the large pasture with the herd, 1 got out and calved somewhere in the woods, and this one calved today in the heifer lot while everyone was away today. It's my SimSolution Vegas bull's 3rd calf and all three have impressed us better than we thought they would. The bull seems to have clicked well with these first three babes. Really sharp cute impressive calves the right size, now see how they grow and if all the next ones follow suit. Giving a shout out to Hill Country Cattle Co. for raising a good bull.
Simme Valley, No not no particular order. Would say 80% of our cows have calves now, bull runs with most the herd year around. Most of the calf crop was sired by my previous herd sire a HTP/SVF Packin Heat son. Seems like a year around season here just works best for us and the number of dams we have. Occasionally we'll have a rough time with 1 or 2 in July-August or January-Feb. because of weather but not bad most years. Try to have our heifers calf at 25 months unless they will be calving the four months I mentioned and then we'll either breed them sooner or later.

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