Heifer with scar tissue

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Mar 12, 2018
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Hello. 1st time posting here.
My son has a 2 year old registered Hereford heifer. She was bred last year and somehow ended up with a tear in her rectum causing infection early and she lost the calf and her chances of being bred again are unlikely because of scar tissue. We have AI'd her twice since with negative results. She is a nice heifer with solid genetics. Won 2nd in her class at FTW last year but thats as well as she has done.
My son who is 16, wants to have her flushed and ET done on some commercial cows that we have. Is it worth it if it even works (and I'm not convinced it will)? We would be taking several cows out of production and would/could it be profitable? We are trying to figure out all the possible outcomes. We would love to confinue her line just because we are fond of her, but fully realize that's not a legit reason to fund a big priced project! Is there a market for purebred registered calves or would we end up feeding them out to sell at the sale barn? Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom!
Muddy":1ognen93 said:
Hamburger her, we don't need more inferior individuals with her defect.

Her torn rectum is not a genetic defect. It was accidental after she was bred...not sure how it happened. So inferior genetics is not really the issue or question, but thanks for responding.
Seems like a gamble with big expense for little reward. If money isn t a problem, try it what do you have to lose. I find it hard to believe that she'll produce any viable embryos if she can't stick to AI.

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