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Jan 30, 2004
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central ky
I would like to know how many on this board use a tedder and when do you use it ( right after cutting, the day after, ect.). I think one would be really good if used right after cutting but have a neighbor that uses his so much all he has left is stems when hes done. Maybe I will someday talk my father in-law into using one on our hay.
We cut with a 9 foot disk mower that lays out one windrow. If it's a very heavy windrow and the humidity is high we tedd right after cutting. Otherwise the only time we tedd is if the hay gets rained on.

We have some low laying fields that the hay draws moisture from the ground after it is mowed. We ted thoes fields once the top is dry. Then go back in the next day and follow the baler right behind the rake.
The mower throws a path that we rake into a windrow after it has dried a day or less. We then flip it over once after the top of the windrow is dry then bale later that day usually.
If there is high humidity or a lot of ground moisture I ted the hay a few hours before raking into windrows for bailing.

Sometimes when humidity is really high (like it is right now) I ted right after mowing.
We usually ted 2 or 3 hours after mowing and again the folowing day if heavy hay. If extremely heavy grass hay we might ted it 3 times. This is on mainly grass hay. Clover changes all the rules with leave shatter.

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