Happy New Year from SA

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Jul 11, 2009
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South Africa
Happy New Year Allison and all members of CT. May good things come your way in the new year.

Happy New Year everyone.. It's a great feeling to put another one behind me and look forward to a new year. I wish all of you here on CT friend or foe a Happy New Year.. I hope everyone has a great upcoming year that is better than 2016.. I hope everyone's year is very prosperous and filled with joy. I sure hope better cattle prices for us. Speaking for myself but I'm sure some of you are like me with many irons in the fire.... Most importantly take time to enjoy your family as much as possible. H.N.Y my friends
Happy New Year to all.
That's a pretty picture alisonb. Not what comes to mind at all when one usually thinks of South Africa.
(maybe I need to get out more tho)
Thanks everyone :D

I hear you Greybeard, think many folks form a picture of 'bush' in their minds when they hear SA. A large portion of SA's commercial farming takes place in the Freestate so viewings such as in the pic are commonplace...especially maize.
I wonder how much ammunition was expended at midnight and for the 30-45 minutes afterwards?
Sounded like the zombie apocalypse was underway around here.

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