Happy Easter

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It was good granddaughter and I got into a bunch of hogs at daylight in the open pasture. Half dozen of them left carrying lead. We had hogs cutting doughnuts. I know I hit seven.
Went to church came home and had ham and ribs we made yesterday.
Had an awesome Easter. Vigil Mass last night, 36 received into the Church. Another great service this morning and family over for lunch. Even worked in a nap.
Had a great Easter surprise. The guy in long sleeves conned his wife into driving non-stop thru the night from Little Rock to spend the day with me and our sisters here. Still fighting cancer..starts 13 consecutive days of radiation tomorrow. If it doesn't work, another (3rd in 2 years) brain surgery is scheduled. They left right after dinner to go back.
He didn't tell me he was coming but I knew. Told my wife when we got up this morning, "When we get to sister's today, there's going to be a red truck sitting there with Arkansas plates on it."

"Why--did he call?"
"Nope, I just know..he's coming".

I had just came back from up there last Tuesday, when wife and I drove thru the night on the same highway to see about him after his daughter called and said he was in hospital with left side not working right.

GB what a blessing. And you know he's committed to his family to drive down there through the night and leave after the family meal to be back for the procedures.
Was a nice Easter here too.. Had a big gathering of family and friends- over 30 for Easter dinner- and the kids had a big Easter egg hunt in our backyard.. Only negative was the weather was a little cool and windy but we lucked out and didn't get the snow they got 60 miles north along the Canadian line..
I had a fantastic Easter surprise when I arrived home from church, a calf from my favorite cow! If it would have been a girl I'd have named her 'Bunny', but it was a boy & I don't name them.

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