hair loss

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i have a 5 week old calf that is losing all the hair above its back feet in front of the leg all the way up to the bend in the leg.. also looks like some is coming out right above the nose.

does anyone have an idea what could cause this? i have treated it with a topical spray, but to no avail.


OK this will sound odd, but I am guessing since the calf is 5 months old it has good circulation, so it is not sluffing tissue, so I think you should try an old method that has worked for a really long time for ALL types of skin problems and ALL critters (people too).

Spray every day 1-3 times with Listerine Mouth Wash, yep thats right, mouth wash, the mediciny type!

Should perk up the skin and you will see perky new hairs pop out within a week or so, it works and its cheep!

I could share storiies about success but you try it and then let us all know if and how well it worked.

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