Hair loss

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Jun 25, 2020
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Help please - some of my weaners lost patches of hair on their legs over night / some have some soars!Their hair are thin in the neck area.Something they have eaten?They are on lush grass.
On rear legs? Do they have new green grass squirts? The very wet manure will scald them.
Return to the grazing camp after six months - they are now in the camp for about a week !It is now our winter and it is very wet!Gave them some Ivermax shots yesterday. Rear and front legs!
@Khoisan, I just responded to @AldacoCattle on his thread. Hair loss can be the result of a fever. Have you taken their temp?

Without seeing a pic, the thin hair on their necks make me wonder if they have lice. Is the skin scaly and the fur patchy? Lice generally doesn't segue into sores and generally resolves with sunshine & time.

Mange? Need more info.

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