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Feb 5, 2009
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My name's David, and I currently live in Vancouver, BC.

I was wondering if any Farmers from Alberta or BC are frequenting this forum and are looking for a Farmhand for the spring and summer months.

I like hard, physical work.

Been tree planting for 2 seasons.

Been working construction on and off for the past 3 years.

Not terribly strong but I get the job done and usually with energy to spare.

I worked on my Uncle's Organic Farm for a while and I liked it.
He didn't have any livestock though, it was mostly just field work.

If anyone here is interested, please reply or drop me a message.

I was just reviewing my post and I think I should clarify a few things.

First, it's not that I'm "weak", it's just that compared to some of the guys on the construction site, I'm not strong.
I have a slim frame, but I always got my work done with no problem.

I was actually hoping that farm work would help build me up, since I really don't much care for the gym.

Second, I don't have any experience with livestock, but I love animals and being around animals.

I just want to learn, learn, learn, so working with livestock or in the field, it's all good with me.

I just noticed that I've gotten quite a few views, but no responses, so for this reason I thought I'd clarify the points which might be "red flags".

I'm pretty eager about doing this this summer and just need a chance to impress.
I got it easy actually.
I love to be busy, and love to be physically active and from what I hear, farm work is all about that, so I can just put myself on "cruise control" and go and I know I'll prove valuable.


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