Gulf Rye Grass

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Jun 9, 2004
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South Central Texas
Our feed store has some sacks left over from last year that they will make a deal on. They said it would be just as good as the new stuff - but - they need to sale it so I don't know if they are shooting me completely strait. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!
I had a bag of Gulf rye grass seeds last fall that was left over from the year before. I was hesitant to use it to plant the pasture for winter grazing so I planted it in my hunting pasture as part of my fall food plot program for the deer. It did fine. If the same situation ever comes up again, I would gladly use year old seeds for winter pasture, providing the price was right. I'm sure that the conditions under which the seeds have been stored would make a difference. If the bags had any sign of moisture I would be suspicious. Good luck.

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