good vet check

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Jun 4, 2007
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Beaverdam, virginia
We worked cows over the weekend.

had a good vet check....first time I have had mine checked with ultrasound and had them sexed...

my five head I got four of them AI
the fifth one I have never settled AI but she breeds first time with the bull every year....tried her twice this year so I set her back but she is always an early cycler so she will move up next year as I will just put her with the bull.
My CC&7 daughter is pregnant with a Jipsey Earl bull.
My Faxton of Wye heifer is pregnant with a Claymont of Wye heifer.
My Diamond D 6D daughter is pregnant with what the Vet thinks is a Claymont heifer...does not matter to me...
My commercial cow is pregnant with a Claymont heifer.
The fifth one (a WRA Vindicator dtr) is bred to the neighbors young red bull...

on the neighbors heifers I got 6 out of eight synchronized and bred on of those did not breed in over four chances with the bull so I am not taking the blame for her....the eighth one the bull bred....
Sounds like good numbers!
For what it's worth, we used to sex calves. The vet was good at first, but then started calling them heifers and when they were born bulls it was a big disappointment. The ones he called a bull were always bulls, but we had several that he called heifers that were born bulls. We stopped after a few years, figured it did not change what they would be born (since the sex was already established) and better to be surprised than disappointed.
I was only concerned about the CC&7 daughter as she has only had bulls.
bred her the first time with sexed heifer semen and she did not take....second time used the old Jipsey Earl on a spur of the moment decision when I saw it in the tank....I have one unit left...

turns out that the new vet does all her pregnancy work with the scope as we worked the neighbors commercials the next day and she sexed all of them as well. She is not really new as she worked for my old vet for several years before opening her own practice...but the old vet does not do the fetal sexing...

I wanted to know what the one cow had as I am considering flushing her in the coming year in an attempt to get a heifer out of her....she is a bull producer... and confess to causing the thread flushing with sexed semen. Now I am undecided as to what to do if and when I flush her....will probably go with my embryologist recommendation. Have not discussed yet with him.

But I don't want to spend a lot of money on flushing to get a litter of bull calves.
We have one like that; after 9 calves and only one heifer (that we sold... it was early on), I gave up. She is the one we flushed with heifer sexed semen and we got nothing. She can produce an outstanding bull, always sells at the top of my group. We sold her this fall, AI bred to Uno Mas. Buyer called me, she had a bull. So I feel your pain....