Good sign or bad sign?

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May 31, 2015
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East Central Georgia
Got my 2nd hay cutting on this field May 7. It was predominantly ryegrass that had been drilled into what is mostly bahia summer grazing. On May 12 I drilled Tifleaf 3 Pearl Millet into that stuble. The millet and bahia have been growing together since then. I turned the cows onto it for the first time today. They seem to completely ignore the millet and are more interested in the bahia. Granted this is the first time they've seen Pearl Millet. But still.......

I know people rave about millet but my cows won;t touch the stuff. And when it invades everything because they won;t eat it I don;t think you can ever get rid of the stuff.
So stay away from pearl millet? Ia that the moral of this story?

Is it similar with other annuals?

That bahia must taste real good. Dallas and crab going full steam here. Really wearing it out. To heck w fescue or bermuda they are telling me.
Evidently, it was just that they had never had it before. By the second day, they were eating it first and, unfortunately, pulling some up by the root in the really wet areas. Last night, at about 10 p.m., I decided ( a brain fart on my original plan) to expand their area. When I go there most of them were laying down chewing their cud. As soon as I started spooling up the polywire, they were up and moving into it. Didn't get a chance to see them today, but if I were betting I'd say they went for the millet first.
I had to alter my regular paddock rotation schedule to get them back into the Pearl Millet. Even so, I had already let it get out of hand (just a little :lol: ) Turned them in late this afternoon. They were last in this paddock June 20 & 21.

i grow tifleaf 3 for hay production here in the panhandle any my cows as well as customers cows eat it very well and do well on it. i chose it because it doesnt cause acidosis or nitrate issues readily.

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