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Aug 26, 2008
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A professor at a large southern university was teaching a class on the supernatural and the paranormal. His discussion for the day was ghosts. His first question to the class was whether anyone believed that there were ghosts. A good majority of the class raised their hands. His next question asked if anyone had ever seen a ghost. About half the class raised their hands. His next question was had anyone ever talked to a ghost. Only a few raised their hands. His next question was had anyone ever been touched by a ghost. Three students raised their hands. Finally he asked if anyone had ever had sex with a ghost. There was a hoop and a holler from way in the back. He asked the gentleman to come down and talk to the class about the experience. Big Bubba strolled down from the back of the hall. The professor said, "First let me say that in my 20 years of teaching this class, you are the first to say that you had sex with a ghost." Bubba replied, "Geez, way in the back there I coulda swore you said goat."
I tell you what, I want me one of them machines!

Very funny, especially when the two boys turned around.
alacattleman":3nolfru2 said: angus cowman's house :cowboy:
Lester oops I forgot I am supposed to call ya Alacattleman on here when you and your brother Earl and family left I told ya you were supposed to clean the guest house back up but since ya didn't I just burnt it

Oh and ya left your goat
:lol: :lol: :lol:
Can I have one not that the house is a mess I want to be able to just press a button and hey presto it's all done. My ex-mother-in-law could sure have done with one, I hated going around there didn't know what you might sit on. :?

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