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Feb 16, 2004
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De Soto MO
Well, didn't have any pictures taken of my little girl, but the other 3 did get some pictures taken. As you can see, there is one that enjoyed it more than the others. We had to borrow that calf because the one we were going to use decided she did not want to be shown (had also sprained my wife's finger, so it was an easy choice to tie her back up). Then, the kid that owned the little heifer offered her for sale since he saw how happy Daniel was with her. She needs a lot of love, but my littlest boy is very happy to have a calf of his own now. *She was wormed as soon as she came off of the trailer, and hopefully on the road to gaining weight. She is a 1/2 Hereford x 1/2 Gert.

The older boys showed one of my heifers, and had fun as well.

So refreshing to see the young folks showing and showing honest to gawd looking functional cattle too and not short, sawed off "Fluffy Cow" abominations.
Good looking kids and good looking Gerts!