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my calf is in my house do to the cold weather he was premature from too young of a cow i bought that should have been open. He appears to have suffered from scours and hypothermia. fixed the scours and gave him nuflor antibiotic. He seems healthly and growing but his hindfeet seem to have been frostbiten. He does not want to walk and only stands to nurse for a short period of time. WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP HIM THROUGH THIS WITH HIS HINDFEET?
Keep the cow and calf in a small clean area so he can nurse often. I don't know how bad he froze them but if it was bad enough they may fall off. Keep an eye on them.
Not to say give up, but usually if the feet are froze their is nothing you can do with them- they lose circulation and fall off. Although I've had calves that were froze to the ground in -20 weather- that had no problem. I've also saved heifers that lost their ears, tails and froze the tendons in their legs so bad that their foot was crooked and they did fine. But if the feet get froze???

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