Founder and Bentonite Clay?

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Son of Butch

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Aug 30, 2010
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Frost Bite Falls, Minnesota
I just noticed a 475 lb steer has foundered, he's been with group on a self feeder. He wasn't ready, but I had no room to put him elsewhere. [i know my fault, i'm dumb] I gave him a Vitamin B complex shot [B1,2,6,12 niacin] and tried to call 2 different Vets to see if there was anything else I could do. Couldn't reach either as it is Saturday and after 12:00 noon.
He's so weak I was able to give him 2 shots of the Vitamin B complex without even putting the rope halter on him.
Is there anything else I can do for him?
I looked online and found "Bentonite Clay" is suppose to help detox from over eating.
I've never heard of it before. I found an organic site that sells 32 oz liquid made from Bentonite clay minerals for $22
I called them to ask...but again got recorded message to call back Monday.
Anyone have any experience with Bentonite Clay?
Any other suggestions?
Sounds like acidosis. Pull him off the feed. Put him on hay only. Maybe drench him with sodium bicarbonate/water solution.
Bentonite is somewhat of a preventive but not a cure. You're wasting your time with the vitamins etc. Put him on hay or grass and keep him off the feed...reintroduce him to it slowly after he gets over this round. A good dose of probios wouldn't hurt him either.
YES, serious Acidosis. I've got sodium bicarb, sounds like a sensible idea, but it's dark now so I'll give it a try tomorrow.
Even if it doesn't help much at least it makes me feel like I'm trying. I found a livestock feed grade Bentonite Clay powder additive in 50 lb bags from manufacturer [40 bag minumum] But it's the weekend, so have to wait till Monday to find out if they have ever shipped any to a local feed mill. I remember 40 years ago a friends grandma would mix a raw egg and a bit of field dirt [maybe it was clay?] with a half measure of milk replacer to feed her baby dairy calves when they scoured. I never tried it or even looked at it as a serious treatment, but he always claimed she was great at raising calves.
I did the obvious right away, seperated him with access to just dry grass hay.
I try to keep Vitamin B on hand and use it to give 'em a bit of a boost when off feed or after stressful calving ect., the same as when the doctor gives me a shot of vitamin B. Though I think my doctor does it just to run up the bill.
I've got probios on hand that I could give him, though I usually only give it to baby calves. Might not do much good, but it won't hurt and again makes me feel I'm doing what I can to help him.
Probias would be the 2nd thing I would do - first pull grain - hay only. If it's accidosis, the bugs in his stomach are way off - Probias puts the right bugs back into his system. Don't be bashfull - give him a bunch. I would double the recommendation - then hit him again 12 hours later.

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